Study finds Cannabinoids can kill gastric cancer cells

A new study from the Catholic University of Korea (Songsin Campus) Department of Internal Medicine was announced on June 2013 in the “Anti-Cancer Research Journal” and then again this December in the journal “Chemotherapy”.. This study published in both journals offers hope in treating gastric cancers with cannabis (medical marijuana). The researchers in Korea have discovered that WIN 55,212-2, a synthetic version of the cannabinoid THC that is found in cannabis (medical marijuana), is antineoplastic. That implies it can inhibit and prevent the development and growth of malignant gastric cancer cells.

For this research, the scientists investigated the effects of WIN 55,212-2 on rats that had been inoculated with human gastric cancer cells. The gastric cancer cells used in the study were tumor cells that were known to be resistant to a commonly utilized chemotherapy drug named Fluorouracil. The researchers needed to see if WIN 55,212-2 was a great alternative to Fluorouracil in tumors that are resistant to that chemo medication. After the rats had been injected with the gastric cancer cells, they were then used with WIN 55,212-2. This was done by injecting it around the tumor subcutaneously every 24 hours for 2 weeks.

After 14 days of injecting WIN 55,212-2 into the mice around the tumors, the tumors were removed. It was discovered that after 2 weeks the “Swelling volume decreased by 30% in the WIN 55,212-2 treated group”.

Apoptotic cells, which are cells that have destroyed themselves, were found more commonly in the WIN 55,212-2 therapy group than in the control of immunohistochemistry.” Remember, the tumors used in this research were resistant to common chemotherapy medications.  So this research implies that cannabinoids (The endocannabinoid system (ECS)) are a better option for treating cancers than chemotherapy.

The fact that cannabis (medical marijuana)  is antineoplastic is not a newly discovered fact. The antineoplastic properties of cannabis (medical marijuana)  have been known about for 39 years.  That is correct,  in 1974 researchers at The University of Virginia also found that cannabinoids could prevent and inhibit the growth of malignant tumor cells. The researches at Virginia studied the effects of cannabinoids on lung adenocarcinoma and leukemia and showed the same results as those found in the 2013 study from Korea. Below you will find a link to the full study done in Korea.

This study from Korea is just another study in a long list of studies from all over the world that show the amazing potential cannabis (medical marijuana)  has as a treatment for cancer. How much longer is it before we say stop to these barbaric cancer therapies that don’t work? Treatments like chemo and radiation, that are being peddled by so-called “medical professionals” at the “medical professionals facilities”. How many more innocent kids have to be poisoned or killed before we start to look for alternatives therapy? Alternatives like the plant called cannabis (medical marijuana). A plant that has a track record of almost forty years of fighting cancer?

Cancer takes the lives of 20,000 people per day. That indicates that in the year 2019 alone 7.3 MILLION people will die globally just because of cancer.

Isn’t that enough of a reason to start considering alternative treatments?  Especially if the alternative treatment has as much promise of killing cancer as cannabis (medical marijuana)  does.

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